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Tubi Style - Audi R8 V10 Muffler (Without Valves)
Our Price: $4,600.00

Tubi Style exhaust systems have become legendary in the world of high performance vehicles for their light weight, beautiful polished finish, unparalleled sound, and substantial performance gains.  Audi's R8 V10 is equipped with a valved exhaust system which keeps the exhaust sound within....
Tubi Style - Audi R8 V10 Muffler (With Valves)
Our Price: $5,960.00

Driving an R8 is like having the best of both worlds.  You've got instant curb appeal and performance to rival Ferrari and Lamborghini, but driving comfort that can only be compared to a luxury sedan.  As an alternative to the R8 V10 non-valved muffler, Tubi also offers a valved exhaust system, which....
Tubi Style - Audi R8 Muffler (4.2 V8, No Valves)
Our Price: $4,600.00

It's hard to say something bad about the R8, except maybe that it's a bit underpowered compared to some of the other exotics it was meant to compete with.  Well, you could also say that as a consquence of that, it also suffers from a relatively boring exhaust note that doesn't even come....
Tubi Style - Audi RS4 Oval Tip Exhaust System
Our Price: $3,440.00

Tubi Style is normally best known for making exhaust systems for high performance exotics like Ferrari and Lamborghini.  Most people wouldn't think that a car like the Audi RS4 would fall onto Tubi's radar, but it did, and the results are nothing short of awesome.  In fact, there are so many reasons to....
Tubi Style - Audi S5 Mufflers (V8 Model)
Our Price: $3,133.00

No matter what you say, we all know the number one reason that we add an aftermarket exhaust system to our cars is for the look, and more importantly, the sound.  Just about every exhaust system on the market will add a few extra horsepower to your S5, but what they won't do is make your car....
Tubi Style - Audi S5 Center Section (V8 Model, Resonated)
Our Price: $1,733.00

There's a logical reason for why the Tubi Style S5 exhaust system is modular, it simply can't be shipped in one solid piece.  An added benefit is that it allows you to install the system one piece at a time and tailor the sound to your exact liking.  The Tubi Style S5 rear mufflers alone produce an amazing....
Tubi Style - Audi TTS Mufflers (2009+)
Our Price: $3,720.00

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