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Carbonio - Audi R8 V10 Carbon Fiber Performance Air Intake
Our Price: $1,980.00

With a powertrain derived from the fantastic Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 the V10 powered Audi R8 offers true supercar performance. Its 5.2L engine derives a healthy boost from the added airflow offered by a Carbonio airbox. Venturi shaped air filters mated to a carbon fiber inlet housing....
Carbonio - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560/LP550 Carbon Fiber Performance Airbox
Our Price: $1,980.00

The LP50-4 and LP550-2 models represent the zenith in performance of the Lamborghini Gallardo family of cars. Improving on the factory intake system our carbon fiber performance airbox greatly increases airflow to the engine. This augmented breathing allows the V10 engine to....
Carbonio - Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber Performance Airbox Covers
Our Price: $1,290.00

Enhance Lamborghini’s awesome Ferrari fighter with a pair of our autoclaved carbon fiber airboxes for the Gallardo. Completely re-profiled to improve the velocity and volume of flow to the throttle plates, while beneftting from carbon’s insulating properties, these airboxes enhance the V-10’s....
Carbonio - BMW E46 M3 Carbon Fiber Performance Intake
Our Price: $748.00

DTM race technology improves the power and throttle response of BMW’s sublime performance coupe.  Replacing the factory components with our insulated carbon airbox and custom air filter, the system  offers increased volume, enhanced flow velocity  and reduced inlet temperature for noticeably....
Carbonio - Ferrari F360 Carbon Fiber Performance Air Box
Our Price: $1,290.00

Formula 1 induction technology for the road. This is a complete airbox kit which enhances the performance and aesthetics of Ferrari’s innovative 360. System includes autoclaved carbon fiber airboxes, profiled to corsa specification for enhanced flow, along with re-usable closed-cell foam....
Carbonio - Audi R8 V8 Carbon Fiber Performance Air Intake
Our Price: $1,590.00

Building on their fantastic success at Le Mans, the R8 broke new ground for Audi in both performance and styling. With the addition of a Carbonio airbox, its powerful FSI engine gets a much needed boost in breathing, increasing both power and torque.  The venturi shaped inlets, together with special....
Carbonio - Porsche 997.1 Carbon Fiber Performance Intake
Our Price: $1,470.00

The 911 has always been the quintessential model for the Porsche enthusiast to own. Replacing the factory components with our insulated carbon airbox and custom air filter, provides the engine increased inlet volume, enhanced flow velocity, and reduced intake temperature; all pivotal....
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