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Champion Motorsport - Porsche 991.1 Turbo/Turbo-S 68mm VTG Turbochargers
Our Price: $4,995.00

Champion Motorsport - Porsche 997.2 Turbo Billet Turbocharger Upgrade
Our Price: $5,950.00

The 2010 and newer 911 Turbo and Turbo S introduced Porsche's new 3.8L twin turbocharged engine, producing a staggering 500 crank horsepower right off the showroom floor.  Although the engine is essentially entirely new, one thing Porsche chose to keep constant was their use of VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry)....
Champion Motorsport - Porsche 997.1 Turbo 65mm Billet Turbocharger Upgrade
Our Price: $5,495.00

An essential part of the Champion Motorsport power package for the 997.1 Turbo are these beautiful upgraded Billet VTG Turbochargers.  While most other manufacturers simply modify the existing compressor housing of the VTG turbochargers or replace them with traditional turbos, Champion....
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