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Champion Motorsport - Porsche 996/997 Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
Our Price: $895.00

Anyone who owns a 911 (especially if it’s been lowered) has at some point or another been a victim of uneven rear tire wear.  Why do the inside treads wear so much more quickly then the outsides?  The simple answer here is camber.  Every 911 has a certain degree of negative camber in the rear wheels....
Champion Motorsport - Porsche 996/997 Rear Adjustable Toe Links
Our Price: $595.00

Lowering your 911 has plenty of benefits, particularly for handling.  A lower center of gravity, decreased body roll in turns, and firmer spring rates all come together to provide a much better driving experience.  Then there’s the look.  Who doesn’t like the look of a lowered car?  However, lowering a car....
Champion Motorsport - Porsche 996/997 Front Adjustable Toe Links
Our Price: $585.00

Champion Motorsport - Porsche 996/997 Adjustable Trailing Arms
Our Price: $465.00

**Kit includes 1 pair of arms.  To install both front and rear, 2 pairs are required.  Please be sure to select a quantity of 2 at checkout for both front and rear.**
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