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GIAC - Porsche 997 Turbo Performance Software
Our Price: $2,200.00

The 997 Turbo represents an entirely new level of technology and performance in the Porsche lineup.  What's not to like about a twin turbocharged and all-wheel drive 911 that comes with 480 horsepower right out of the box?  It didn't take long for the aftermarket to realize the serious tuning potential of....
GIAC - Porsche 997.2 DFi Performance Software (2009+)
Our Price: $1,500.00

In 2009 Porsche took another giant step forward in engine technology and introduced Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) technology in the 3.8L S and 3.6L non-S models of the 911, now called the 997.2.  The 997.2 was also Porsche's first model to feature its new dual clutch PDK transmission which, together with....
GIAC - Porsche 997 and 997S Performance Software
Our Price: $1,000.00

The return to round headlights, a dramatically improved interior, and greatly improved handling are just a few of the reasons the 997 generation of the 911 is so widely loved.  While those are certainly good reasons, we love it for the same reason we love most cars, performance! Whether it's equipped with....
GIAC - Porsche 997 GT2 Performance Software
Our Price: $3,500.00

If you asked anyone who's driven one to describe the 997 GT2 you might get a few sentences full of four-letter expletives that we can't repeat here.  But what we can do is tell you that what they really meant to say is that the GT2 difficult to describe without your heart rate rising.  Most of the excitement....
GIAC - Porsche 996 Turbo X50 & GT2 Performance Software
Our Price: $1,600.00

Shortly after the initial release of the 996 Turbo, Porsche released several special edition Turbo models, the X50 package and the rear-wheel drive GT2.  Both cars feature slightly larger turbochargers, upgraded intercoolers, and a re-mapped ECU for a combined increased in horsepower of over 10% in comparison....
GIAC - Porsche 996 Turbo Performance Software (2001-2004)
Our Price: $1,400.00

In 2000, Porsche finally showed the world the 996 model they had all been waiting for, the 911 Turbo.  By that time, most people already had a chance to warm up to the 996 platform's looks and the idea of a water-cooled Porsche engine, so when the 996 Turbo burst on the scene with it's motorized....
GIAC - Porsche 996 Performance Software (2002-2004)
Our Price: $1,000.00

When the 996 replaced the beloved 993 as Porsche current model of the 911, there were many who initially refused to accept it as a 911.  Odd shaped headlights?  A water-cooled engine?  How could Porsche have the nerve to call this a 911?!  Well it didn't take long for loyal 911 followers to realize....
GIAC - Porsche 996 Performance Software (1999-2001)
Our Price: $800.00

Before the introduction of the 911 Turbo in 2002, all 996 models were equipped with a 3.4 liter engine, the first ever water-cooled powerplant to live inside a 911.  While many purists refused to welcome the change, it was eventually the notable improvements in performance that would win their....
GIAC - Porsche Cayman Performance Software (2006-2008, Including S Model)
Our Price: $1,000.00

The Cayman certainly has a lot of things going for it.  Besides being Porsche's most affordable coupe, it's mid-engine layout (thanks to its Boxster heritage) provides near perfect weight distribution and incredible handling characteristics.  Naturally, since it's release, the Cayman has generated a dedicated....
GIAC - Porsche Boxster S 3.2L Performance Software (2005-2006)
Our Price: $1,000.00

With a minor facelift and yet another bump in horsepower in 2005, Porsche made a clear statement that the Boxster is definitely here to stay.  Although still very familiar and immediately recognizable as a Boxster, the changes brought the mid-engined sports car up par with the rest of the Porsche....
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