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GIAC - Mini Cooper S Performance Software (2007+ Turbo Models)
Our Price: $550.00

The redesigned Mini Cooper (referred to as the MkII) was introduced in 2007 to the applause of enthusiasts everywhere.  In addition to several styling updates which gave the Mini a more modern and sporty look, the previous generation's supercharged motor was tossed aside in favor of a new 1.6 liter Turbocharged motor that....
GIAC - Mini Cooper S Performance Software (2001-2006)
Our Price: $325.00

The Mini Cooper S is proof that good things sometimes come in small packages.  Critics of the Cooper will often say it's too small, underpowered, or overpriced, but their opinions almost always change after taking one ride.  You see, what makes the Mini so special is the absolute feeling of joy you get while driving one. The car....
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