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BMC - Porsche 996 GT2/GT3/Turbo And 997 GT3 Performance Air Filter


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It's rare that we come across a performance part that doesn't cost at least three times as much as the factory part it's replacing.  Equally as rare are the occasions where that same performance part is designed to last the life of your car.  BMC performance filters are the exception to the rule.  Every filter is designed to provide definitive performance benefits and because the filter material is washable, it can be cleaned and re-used for as long as you own your car.  Especially in vehicles like the 911 where the air intake is essentially exposed to the elements, it becomes very important that the filter you use be able to withstand exposure to water, fumes, oils, and especially, dirt and debris.  

The outer frame of a BMC filter is made in a process called "full molding" which essentially eliminates any seams from the frame, making it much stronger and less prone to breaking.  The rubber material used to make the frame also provides a much tighter seal around the filter, reducing the risk of dust or debris making its way past the filter.  The filter element itself is made from a special cotton material that flows up to 40% better then paper filters and traps nearly twice as many dust particles.  That material is covered with a special allow mesh that helps the filter retain it's uniquely designed shape, but also protects against damage from larger debris and dirt.  Best of all, BMC filters only cost a few dollars more then a standard replacement filter from the dealer.

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