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BMC - Ferrari F360 Modena Performance Air Filters


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One look at the Ferrari 360 and it becomes obvious that Ferrari engineers put a bit of thought into the air intake system on the car.  Even the bodywork on the rear quarter panel seems to have been specifically designed to channel air directly into the 360's dual airboxes.  So the question is, why would they spend so much time engineering and directing airflow into the airboxes only to have inferior filters in place acting as a bottleneck in the system.  BMC filters has designed their F360 air filters as a direct replacement for the factory filters, but with all the benefits of a performance intake.  The filters' special cotton filter element provides nearly 40% greater airflow then standard paper filters, and blocks nearly twice as many dust and dirt particles without any clogging or deterioration in performance.  Best of all, BMC filters are washable so they can easily be cleaned and re-used for as long as you own your car.

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