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BMC - Porsche Cayenne Performance Air Filter (955 & 957 C, CS, CTT, CTT-S, GTS)


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We're not sure whether it's a coincidence or an intentional effort to reduce costs, but it just so happens that all models of the Cayenne use an identical air filter. The bright side is that it makes choosing the right performance filter for your Cayenne that much easier.  Since the Cayenne usually occupies the role of "daily driver", there's a good chance you'll be shocked at the amount of dirt and debris you'll find when you open the airbox and look inside.  Then comes the frustrating task of taking a trip to your local dealer and paying entirely too much for an inferior paper filter that will probably need to replaced again before your next oil change.

A BMC performance filter is the perfect solution, whether you're simply looking for a replacement or for a performance upgrade.  In contrast to original equipment paper filters that you simply throw away and replace, every part of a BMC filter is designed using special materials that can be cleaned and re-used for as long as you own your Cayenne.  The outer shell of each filter is constructed of a durable rubber material in a process BMC calls "full molding".  This allows the frame to be constructed without any seams, reducing the risk of breaking or cracking.  The soft rubber also provides a much more secure fit in the airbox, eliminating the potential of dirt and debris passing around the filter.  Within the outer frame is a specially designed cotton filter element soaked in a special low viscosity oil which allows up to 40% greater airflow while repelling nearly double the amount of fine dust.  Lastly, the filter element is fully surrounded by a special alloy screen that not only helps the filter retain its functional shape, but also prevents larger dirt and debris from coming in direct contact with the filter element and causing any clogs.  This means your BMC filter will continue to perform like new, even when it's exposed to the same usage that leaves paper filters crippled.  

**NOTE:  The Cayenne V6 requires only 1 filter per car.  The Cayenne S, Turbo, Turbo S, and GTS require two filters per car.  Please be sure to specify appropriate quantity when ordering.

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