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BMC - Porsche 987/987S Boxster And Cayman Performance Air Filter


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Most people think of an air filter as a maintenance item.  When it gets too dirty, you replace it with a new one.  We, on the other hand, think of an air filter as a maintenance item, but also as opportunity to increase performance at the same time.  The key to a good air filter is being able to allow as much air as possible to pass through while not allowing any dirt or debris to pass through with it.  BMC filters are designed with these two principles in mind.  They achieve this goal by using a specially designed cotton filter element which allows up to 40% more air to pass through then a standard paper filter, while preventing nearly twice as much dust from passing through.

In fact, when put to the test in a 2009 Cayman S on our in-house dyno, the BMC performance filter showed gains of 8 wheel horsepower compared to the same car using a factory paper filter, just moments earlier.  In fact, the BMC filter showed identical results to a complete aftermarket intake (costing near 3x as much) which was also tested on the same day.  Eight horsepower for just a few dollars more then a replacement factory air filter and 1/3 the cost of an aftermarket intake?  We'll take it.

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