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BMC - Ferrari F430 Performance Air Filter


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Have you ever wondered where the two inlets on the upper side of each rear fender on a F430 lead to?  They're the entry point of a cleverly designed pathway of ducting that lead directly into each of the 430's airboxes.  It's obvious that Ferrari thought the intake system was important enough that they incorporated it into the bodywork of the F430.  So considering that so much effort was put into an efficient air intake system design, we're left wondering why Ferrari didn't also equip the F430 with BMC performance air filters instead of the generic paper filters that currently reside inside.  Paper filters suffer from serious performance loss when they become dirty with dust and other outside elements.  They're also quite costly to replace.
BMC filters use a special cotton filter element that surpasses the performance of paper filters when new, but more importantly, they continue to perform even when exposed to dust and dirt that would typically clog a paper filter.  Developed by BMC for various racing applications, the cotton filter is also washable, so when performance does begin to suffer, it can easily be rejuvenated and brought back to like-new condition.  Surrounding the filter element is the special rubber frame which is made using a process BMC calls "full molding".  This process results in a frame that fits more securely in the airbox and is less prone to cracking or breakage when exposed to water, fumes, or oils.

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