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BMC - Porsche 997 Turbo Performance Air Filter


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Year(s): 2007 - 2009
Make: Porsche
Model: 911 Turbo (3.6L)

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Product Code: 473-04

Like any turbocharged car, the 997 Turbo relies on a consistent flow of clean outside air in order to run efficiently and make power.  An essential, but often overlooked, part of keeping that flow of air moving is making sure you have an efficient air filter in place.  Paper filters do a good job when they're clean and new, but quickly become restrictive and dangerous once they are exposed to dust, dirt, water, and the many other outside elements that can easily enter the 997 Turbo's airbox.

An easy way to make sure that stream of air remains consistent and clean is to replace your dirty paper filter with a BMC performance air filter.  Besides the fact that they both fit directly into the 997 Turbo's airbox, there are very few similarities between an OEM paper filter and a BMC.  Starting with its outer frame, BMC uses a special soft rubber material made in a process called "full molding", which not only provides a much tighter seal around the filter, but also eliminates any potential cracking or breaking of the filter.  The filter element itself made of a washable cotton material that provides nearly 40% greater airflow then paper, enclosed in an alloy mesh screen which helps the filter keep it's shape and protects against larger debris and dirt.  The increased flow of air through the filter provides a steady stream of clean air to the turbochargers, resulting in much more consistent and efficient power.

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