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BMC - Porsche 997.2 DFi Performance Air Filter (C2, C4, C2S, C4S)


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The factory intake system on the 997.2 is proof that Porsche engineers have been paying attention to the aftermarket and doing their homework.  In contrast to the single flat filter used in the 997.1, the 997.2 uses dual inlets on the decklid which each lead to a cylindrical filter inside the airbox.  This new design not only doubles the amount of air entering the airbox through the decklid, but also increases the overall surface area of the filter, meaning that more air can be filtered and passed through to the engine, where it's needed most.  Still the new airbox uses run of the mill paper filters that leave plenty of room for improvement.

BMC quickly spotted the opportunity to use their patented filter technology to improve upon Porsche's new airbox design in the 997.2 with increased airflow, protection, and best of all, power.  Their filters are designed as direct replacements for the factory filters, and can be cleaned and re-used for the life of your car, meaning you'll never need to replace a dirty paper air filter again.  Each BMC filter uses a specially designed cotton filter element that allows up to 40% greater airflow then traditional paper filters.  The filter element is held at each end by a durable rubber material that is also extremely resistant to damage from oils, fumes, or water.

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