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B&M - Porsche 996/997/987 Short Shifter


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Anyone who's modified a car at some point in their life knows that terrible feeling you get when you spend big money on a part only to get very little satisfaction from it. But then on the flipside, we all know the feeling of spending a little money on something that can totally transform the way your car feels and drives for the better. The B&M short shifter is a perfect example of one of those parts that won't empty your wallet but will definitely put a smile on your face every time you drive the car. It's also one of those parts that you may not realize you really need, or just how bad you wanted it, until you have it.

Even though Porsche does a great job with the OEM shifter, the problem is that they have to make the car easily drivable by anyone who might walk in and buy it. So from the factory, the shifter has a longer throw and a bit of play in order to help the average Joe find gears and shift the car smoothly. The B&M short shifter not only reduces the amount of throw required between each gear by up to 35%, but it also eliminates the sloppiness and play in the shifter linkage, making each shift faster more convincing. It does this by eliminating the factory plastic part and replacing it with the billet aluminum part you see above. Plastic, by it's nature, will bend and give, whereas the aluminum will not, so that each movement of your hand on the shifter is directly translated to the gearbox, without losing any energy along the way. Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why a short shifter should be at the top of anyone's list of bang for buck mods.

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