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Werks1 - 997.1 Carbon Fiber Airbox


Our Price: $3,000.00
Year(s): 2005 - 2008
Make: Porsche
Model: 997.1

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Product Code: CMS-AB101

There are many fundamental differences between a Werks1 997.1 carbon fiber airbox and other intake systems, including the factory Porsche airbox.  While replacing the factory air filter with a better drop-in filter or even replacing the entire factory airbox with a redesigned unit are certainly not bad ideas, the team at Werks1 has developed an alternative that incorporates design elements that others simply did not consider.  The truth is that any airbox performs better when the vehicle is moving and it's provided a consistent stream of fresh outside air, so Werks1 has carefully studied the 911's aerodynamics to understand how air enters the airbox, and how to appropriately increase that flow when it matters most.  Using the most advanced technologies available, including 3D modeling and wind tunnel testing, they found a critical part of maintaining that flow was to insure that the Werks1 airbox remained sealed, using cooler outside air rather then hot air from inside the engine bay.  The sealed design also allows the Werks1 box to become pressurized at highway speeds completely eliminating any shortage of air.

Probably the most notable visible feature of the Werks1 airbox is it's carbon fiber construction.  The entire airbox, with the exception of the machined aluminum fittings, is constructed using 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber, which provides an even and consistent structure and eliminates any potential weaknesses throughout every surface.  The box is then vacuum bagged and autoclave cured to remove any excess resin in the carbon.  This step further eliminates any inconsistencies in the material and prepares the airbox for it's final finish, a beautiful layer of glossy clearcoat.  It's difficult to deny that the Werks1 airbox looks like a piece of fine jewelry once installed in the engine bay of the 911.

Another feature unique to the Werks1 airbox is it's dual chamber design, featuring dual inlets.  The factory airbox uses a single opening in the rear decklid and channels air through a single chamber before reaching the engine.  The Werks1 airbox improves upon this design by using a second opening in the decklid as well as a second chamber in the airbox, nearly doubling the volume of available intake air.  (Installation of the box requires a second opening in the decklid which is easily made using the precision template provided with each airbox).  Once inside the airbox, air is filtered through a pair of ITG performance filters that were specially designed for Werks1 to provide unsurpassed performance.

Combined, each element of the Werks1 box is designed to provide the highest attainable level of performance while maintaining, and even surpassing, OEM quality and fitment.  The Werks1 airbox works so well, in fact, that it has earned a place as one of the critical components of our F77 Power Package.  No other intake on the market is capable of supporting other engine modifications quite like the Werks1 airbox is.

ITG - Replacement Air Filters for Werks1 997.1 Airbox Tubi Style - Porsche 997.1 Mufflers GIAC - Porsche 997 and 997S Performance Software
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