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Champion Motorsport - MS61 Forged Magnesium Wheel
Champion Motorsport - MS61 Forged Magnesium Wheel

Product Code: CMS-MS61
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If you've browsed through the Champion Motorsport forged wheel lineup, then the MS61 should look pretty familiar.  Essentially, it's an identical design to our popular RS171, but with one key difference, magnesium.  Because the RS171 is so popular with our track customers, we decided to make the strongest and lightest performance wheel on the market using its styling cues as a guide.  It's unique 10-spoke design and aggressive fitment have made it a classic, whether on the street or the track.

Although magnesium is 30% less dense then aluminum by volume, and consequently much lighter, its weight is only one of several performance benefits that make it the perfect material for track wheels.  More importantly is its strength.  Compared to aluminum, magnesium has a significantly higher fatigue strength and, more importantly, a considerably higher ultimate tensile strength.  When used in manufacturing wheels, this essentially means that a greater cross-section of material can used, effectively increasing the overall stiffness of the wheel, without any compromise in weight.  What benefit is there to a lighter and stiffer wheel?  The answer is simple.  Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight on the vehicle's suspension, allowing it to be much more responsive to changes in road (or track) conditions.  A stiffer wheel allows much more precise steering and suspension feedback, without the loss of any energy due to uncontrolled flex in the wheel.  Both of these ultimately give the driver a more direct connection to the car and the ability to achieve a greater level of control during any driving situation.

The MS61 is available in limited fitments for 911 Turbo models.  For more information or to check availability for your car, feel free to give us a call or simply click the live-chat button above and be connected to a Champion Motorsport wheel expert.

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