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Champion Motorsport - Porsche 996/997 Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms


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Make: Porsche
Model: 996/997 (All Models)

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Anyone who owns a 911 (especially if it’s been lowered) has at some point or another been a victim of uneven rear tire wear.  Why do the inside treads wear so much more quickly then the outsides?  The simple answer here is camber.  Every 911 has a certain degree of negative camber in the rear wheels.  Of course, the positive effects of negative camber on handling are always welcomed, far more openly then the negative effects it has on tire wear.  Particularly apparent on vehicles that have been lowered, the factory suspension geometry, by nature, causes an increase negative camber, sometimes beyond the adjustment capabilities of the factory eccentric bolts.  The Champion Motorsport adjustable rear link kit (sometimes called “dogbones”) restore a full range of adjustability to the rear suspension geometry, allowing proper camber alignment to factory specifications, or to a wider range of more aggressive track-oriented setups.  

The Champion kit features precision-machined spherical bearings in place of the OEM rubber bushings, contributing to greatly improved response and overall feel.  Adjustments are made very easily on the alignment rack by loosening the pinch-bolts on each end of the link and turning the main link.  Once the final adjustments are made, the links are easily locked in place by re-tightening each pinch-bolt.  Unlike other commonly used designs, this eliminates the risk of the carefully adjusted links moving when tightening the adjusters.

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