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GIAC - Porsche 997 GT2 Performance Software

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If you asked anyone who's driven one to describe the 997 GT2 you might get a few sentences full of four-letter expletives that we can't repeat here. But what we can do is tell you that what they really meant to say is that the GT2 difficult to describe without your heart rate rising. Most of the excitement about the GT2 stems from the fact that it's 530 horsepower twin turbocharged motor delivers its explosive power only to the rear wheels, making every push of the gas pedal an exhilarating experience in many ways. For those GT2 owners who think that 530 just isn't enough, GIAC offers their performance software to push that number closer to the 600 mark. Along with gobs of additional power and torque, GIAC's software also provides greatly improved boost response so that power gets delivered smoother and faster. It also dramatically improves throttle response by reprogramming parameters of the GT2's drive-by-wire accelerator.

GIAC Porsche 997 GT2 Performance Software:

Horsepower gains: 40-70*
Torque gains: 90-110*

*Results from the addition of GIAC's performance software for the GT2 can vary depending on additional hardware modifications. For the greatest gains, we recommend the use of a performance exhaust system, upgraded intercoolers, and headers. For more information on what parts are available for your GT2, feel free to call, or click the Live Chat icon at the top of the page to be connected to a sales representative right away.

NOTE: GIAC 997 GT2 performance software includes a complimentary handheld flashloader and stock program. Additional software programs are available by clicking the appropriate check-box above.

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