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ITG - Replacement Filters For Werks1 997.1/997.2 Turbo Airbox


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Each Werks1 carbon fiber airbox is designed and manufactured with to primary goals, form and function. Not only does the 997.1 and 997.2 airbox make a beautiful addition to the engine bay of your Turbo, but more importantly, they work. Each box is carefully designed to provide a much greater, smoother, and consistent flow of colder outside air to your engine, resulting in added horsepower and engine response. However, all of the time we spent designing, carefully engineering, and testing the Werks1 Turbo airbox would have been pointless if we didn't chose just the right air filter to provide that final barrier between harmful outside elements and your engine. ITG Performance Filters stepped up to the plate and custom designed these amazing air filters to get the job done.

Featuring their patented TriFoamĀ® technology, each ITG filter features a uniquely layered reticulated polyester foam barrier that provides maximum performance in three key areas: air flow, cleaning efficiency, and dust load-up tolerance. What this means is that TriFoamĀ® technology allows the largest amount of air to pass through the filter without providing any loss of air pressure, all while stopping even the smallest dust particles that typical paper and gauze filters simply cannot. And because of their specially layered foam, ITG filters are able to trap the largest amount of dust and airborne particles without reducing air flow capacity, so if your filters get dirty, you can rest assured that you're still getting the maximum performance out of your Werks1 airbox. Each ITG filter is also constructed using the latest advancements in adhesive technology to insure that each filter remains impervious to damage from other outside influences such as water, fumes, oils, or fuel. So rest assured that even when your Werks1 airbox is subjected to even the most grueling driving conditions, you can be confident that it's still providing the cleanest and strongest flow of air to those little gems hiding in your engine bay, the turbos.

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