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ITG - Replacement Air Filters for Werks1 997.1 Airbox


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A quality air filter is the most commonly overlooked component of a performance intake system. While many aftermarket intakes are designed around whichever filter will fit, our Werks1 997.1 carbon fiber intake was designed using a different philosophy. The primary goal of the Werks1 intake is to provide a cleaner and more consistent flow of air into the engine, resulting in consistent power gains. So when choosing just the right air filter to complement the Werks1 intake's carefully engineered carbon fiber design, it was imperative the filter simply be the best performing air filter available. ITG Performance Filters were chosen because of their performance-driven design, industry leading technology, and impressive history in professional racing.

ITG filters are designed to accomplish three primary goals; provide maximum airflow without any loss of pressure, protect against the highest proportion of airborne dust particles, and to continue to perform flawlessly even when dirty. They accomplish all these goals by using ITG's patented TriFoamĀ® technology, which utilizes foam layers of three varying densities to stop even the smallest dust particles without any restriction to the flow of air through the filter. Each foam layer is constructed of a specially designed reticulated polyester foam that provides superior filtration with minimal restriction. In fact, ITG filters typically experience half the pressure loss of even the best paper or gauze filters, even when exposed to twice the amount of dust particles. This type of performance is exactly what the Werks1 airbox was designed to provide, so choosing ITG filters to provide the final barrier of protection was the natural choice.

Werks1 - 997.1 Carbon Fiber Airbox Rennline - Porsche 997/987 Track Mat (Driver Side) Tubi Style - Porsche 997.1 Exhaust Manifolds Escort - Passport 9500ci Radar/Laser Defense System
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