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Tubi Style - Porsche Boxster/Cayman Exhaust System (2009-2012)


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Year(s): 2009-2012
Make: Porsche
Model: Boxster/Cayman

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Product Code: TUBI-CMN-2-EX

In 2009 Porsche updated the Boxster and Cayman model range to include their new direct injection technology for increased fuel efficiency and power output. Because of the change in exhaust note as a consequence of the new motor, Tubi Style was quick to develop a unique new exhaust system that would bring back the characteristic exhaust note of previous 987 generation cars.  Like it's predecessor, this new system replaces the entire factory exhaust from the header back, including a very important, but often overlooked, part of the system, the connecting pipes.  Unlike the factory exhaust, Tubi's connecting pipes are mandrel bent and do not include any "pancaked" sections that restrict exhaust flow.  Another difference in the new system is the new of secondary resonators just before the rear mufflers, which help produce exactly the exhaust tone the engineers at Tubi were looking for.  Together with Tubi's patented free-flowing muffler technology, the connecting pipes and secondary resonators not only help produce the best exhaust note available for the 987, but they also contribute to the 15-20 horsepower gains that can be realized by using the system.

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