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Werks1 - Porsche 997.2 Carbon Fiber Airbox


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We've all had our fair share of buyers remorse when it comes to purchasing aftermarket parts, but once in a while we get that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that comes from buying a part that is just so good it leaves you wondering, "why didn't Porsche just use this to begin with?".  The Werks1 997.2 intake is that part.  Whether you're talking about its construction, fitment, or the way it performs, this intake is simply amazing.

At first glance, the Werks1 airbox bears a striking resemblance to the factory airbox, but it's secret lies within the beautiful carbon fiber walls.  Much like every Werks1 product, the airbox is constructed entirely from 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber, with the exception of its machined aluminum hardware protective film.  During the finishing process, the material is vacuum bagged and autoclave cured, removing any excess resin, then clearcoated to provide a brilliant outer appearance.  Internal volume of the airbox is increased by nearly 15% from a combination of the thinner outer walls and extremely efficient ITG performance filters, which simply take up far less space inside the airbox.  The specially designed filters provide a larger usable surface area then the factory filter and are placed directly in line with the flow of outside air into the decklid openings.  Because of their placement, the lower half of the airbox could be specially designed to direct airflow towards the outlet, without any abrupt changes in direction.  The end result of each carefully thought out element in the design is a tested and proven gain of 10 whp on an otherwise completely stock car.

Best of all, the average home mechanic can install the Werks1 airbox in a matter of minutes.  So much time was taken to insure an absolutely perfect fitment that we're starting to think that it might even fit better then the OEM airbox.  Don't believe us, give it a try on your 997.2 and see just why Werks1 continues to set the bar in the Porsche aftermarket.

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