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Werks1 - Porsche 997.2 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser


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Like its sister part for the 997.1, the Werks1 carbon fiber rear diffuser for the 997.2 is much more then a beautiful carbon fiber add-on. It not only makes a stunning addition to the rear of the 997.2 but it also doubles as a very functional aerodynamic part. Because of the similarities between the two generations, fitting the Werks1 rear diffuser was relatively simple, but the team at Werks1 needed to make sure that it not only fit properly, but functioned just as well. Luckily, during testing, it was shown to provide identical results, within one to two pounds of the results shown during testing of the 997.1 part.

The Werks1 diffuser was designed using the most state of the art engineering and computer modeling techniques available today. Using these processes, a functional prototype was created and wind tunnel tested in order to verify the effectiveness of the part. During testing, it was proven that a stock 997.2 (with wing raised) produced over 40lbs of lift at the rear axel, at 175mph. With the rear wing raised and the new Werks1 diffuser installed, that number was completely eliminated, and the test vehicle not only showed no signs of lift, but it now produced 14 lbs of usable downforce, again at the rear axle. When measured at both the front and rear axles, the stock 997.2 showed nearly 110 lbs of total lift. Once the Werks1 diffuser was added, total lift was reduced to just below 75lbs. Best of all, the addition of the Werks1 rear diffuser increased the vehicle's coefficient of drag (or Cd) by only .002, from .313Cd to .315Cd. What this means is that the downforce created by the Werks1 rear diffuser is essentially "free", with no negative side-effects to be found.

Because of the 911's rear engine, rear wheel drive design, and tendency to oversteer, traction at the rear wheels is critical. The Werks1 carbon rear diffuser provides greater traction at the rear wheels during high speed cornering, reducing the potential for oversteer and leaving the driver with a tendency towards much safer and predictable understeer. Best of all, installation of the Werks1 rear diffuser on the 997.2 is once again simple and easy, using existing mounting points on the car with no modification required.

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