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Werks1 - Porsche 997.2 Turbo Carbon Fiber Airbox


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Although the 997.2 is the first 911 Turbo to feature Porsche's entirely new 3.8L twin turbocharged motor, there are still dozens of parts that it shares with the outgoing 997.1.  Among those is the design of the factory airbox, which was certainly a welcome sight for the engineers at Werks1.  This meant that their highly effective carbon fiber airbox was able to be quickly and easily redesigned to incorporate the subtle changes between the two generations.  Because the 997.2 does not use MAF (mass air flow) sensors, only a slight modification was needed to mate the airbox to the new turbo inlet pipes.  In fact, because of this subtle change, the engineers at Werks1 were able to slightly increase the diameter of the airbox's dual outlets, allowing for even more air flow.

In the 997.2 Turbo, the Werks1 carbon fiber airbox plays an extremely important role in the overall efficiency and performance of the car. Popular belief says that a performance intake system should increase engine power output, which is essentially true, but the real benefits of the Werks1 airbox are in the key role it plays helping other critical engine parts work more safely and efficiently, resulting in increased performance. From its carbon fiber construction to its unique dual chamber design, every element of the Werks1 airbox's design is geared towards providing greater efficiency and functionality.

The Werks1 airbox is constructed using 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber, finished in a perfect glossy clearcoat. This process ensures that the adhesive material used to keep its shape is consistent throughout every part, creating a airbox with structural integrity far greater then the factory plastic box, and nearly 40% less weight. From a functional perspective, this construction provides a larger volume of statically present air inside the box and also resists compression under high demand from the turbochargers, maximizing intake air volume during all driving conditions. The unique shape of the Werks1 airbox also plays a very important role in overall performance, providing a much simpler and direct path of air through the box. This is also achieved by the use of two larger ITG performance filters that were custom designed to provide maximum airflow. The upper inlet areas of the box mate perfectly to the existing openings in the vehicle's decklid, however users have the option of trimming the decklid openings (using templates provided by Werks1) to further increase intake volume. As a result of this design, intake air is fed through the Werks1 airbox at a much higher pressure then the factory box, providing the turbochargers a consistent stream of cooler and cleaner outside air. This kind of engineering can't be tested on a dyno.  The aerodynamics of the car were carefully studied so that the Werks1 airbox pressurizes at highway speeds, even further enhancing the results.  The engineering team at Werks1 has truly thought of everything. The Werks1 airbox even features filtered drain holes at its lowest point to quickly expel any water that might find its way in, without the risk of any contaminants entering the box.

When under boost, turbochargers don't simply rely on whatever intake air is available, they demand and pull air through the airbox. If an appropriate supply of air is not available the turbochargers then work harder and less efficiently, generating more heat. By insuring that ample intake air is available at any given moment, there is a substantial decrease in manifold depression before the turbochargers, allowing them to create the same amount of boost pressure at a lower rpm. The Werks1 intake is simply the only aftermarket intake that can accomplish this because of it's tested and proven design.

Although it's very different in design from the factory airbox, the Werks1 carbon fiber airbox is designed to install directly to existing mounting points, without any necessary modifications to the vehicle or intake plumbing.

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