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Werks1 - Porsche 997.1/997.2 Turbo Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser


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997.1 (2007-2009)
997.2 (2010+)

The Werks1 997 Turbo carbon fiber rear diffuser is a perfect example of form following function, which happens to be one of the guiding principles of the company itself.  No matter how perfect the carbon weave, how glossy the clearcoat, or how perfect the part looks installed on a car, the team at Werks1 simply will not release a product until they've proven that it accomplishes the performance goals they set out to achieve.  In the case of the 997 Turbo rear diffuser, the goal was simple, increase overall downforce by reducing lift.

To accomplish this goal, Werks1 uses the most advanced engineering and computer modeling techniques available today to create a functional prototype, which is then wind tunnel tested, modified, and then re-tested until the desired result is achieved.  On the 997 Turbo, it was shown that the Werks1 carbon fiber rear diffuser produced a decrease in overall lift of over 45lbs at 180mph which, in fact, translated to positive downforce at the rear axle.  Best of all, these results were achieved while adding a mere .006Cd to the vehicles overall drag coefficient.  To the driver, this added rear downforce limits the vehicle's tendency to exhibit dangerous oversteer in high speed cornering situations.  Instead, the Turbo will now exhibit a slight tendency to understeer, which is generally much safer and predictable.

Installation with the included hardware and instructions is simple and straightforward, utilizing factory mounting points with no modifications required to the vehicle.  The underside of each Werks1 rear diffuser is also laminated with special heat resistant material in order to protect the carbon fiber finish from damage due to heat.

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