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Werks1 - Porsche 997 Turbo Plenum


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The team at Werks1 composites continues to find exciting new uses for carbon fiber in places where it not only looks better then OEM parts, but functions better as well.  In the 997 Turbo, the intake plenum plays an very important role in directing the flow of charged intake air towards each side of the intake manifold.  The factory intake plenum has an inefficient 90 degree shape that, while functional, does not perform well in higher horsepower applications where turbochargers and other performance components have been upgraded.  By changing to a more efficient Y shaped design, the Werks1 plenum smoothly directs the flow of air into each intake manifold, without any abrupt changes of direction or blockage.  

The use of carbon fiber also plays an important role in the Werks1 plenum.  In comparison to heavier alternatives, carbon fiber is not only significantly lighter, but also does not absorb heat like most plastics and metals.  Why spend so much money on good aftermarket intercoolers that are designed to cool intake air, only to have the air re-heated while passing through the intake plenum?  Another benefit of carbon fiber is that it allows the walls of the plenum to be much thinner, increasing overall intake air volume.  In fact, the Werks1 plenum requires the use of an 82mm throttle body to accommodate the increased size.

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