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Werks One Composites

Werks One Composites, a subsidiary of the Champion Group, was established to set a new standard in carbon fiber products for Porsche vehicles.
The primary goal of Werks One is to deliver a functional part that equals, and often surpasses, the fitment of the factory piece it replaces.
Our in-house design team utilizes the most advanced technology during the development of each product. Before the design phase even begins, our
CMM Digitizing Arm is used to reverse engineer the existing part and all of its surroundings.

Using the latest in CAD/CAMM software, the acquired data is then used to design the Werks One product. Before an actual product is finalized, a full scale
rapid-prototype model is created to further test fitment and performance. Final production of a Werks One part begins once all tests have been verified and
that the part meets the high standards that we have set. The countless hours spent in research and development is a testament of our drive to produce the
perfect part. Everything we do is developed with the user in mind, allowing for quick installation with no permanent modifications necessary.
The quest for excellence in the design and fabrication of our products constitutes the very soul of Werks One Composites.

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