Champion Motorsport
Champion Motorsport
Champion Motorsport

With a celebrated and unmatched history in professional racing, including numerous back to back overall championships at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans, the team at
Champion Motorsport has repeatedly proven their ability to build and maintain some of world's most powerful and successful race cars. That very same wealth of knowledge and
experience is used in the engineering, design, and final production of each and every component of the Champion Motorsport line of aftermarket products for Porsche vehicles.

Since 1998, Champion has successfully delivered excellence in every aspect of their operation. Starting with their complete line of forged motorsport-inspired wheels, Champion has
taken technology developed, perfected, and proven on the racetrack and made it available to the average enthusiast. This philosophy continues to become clearer with each new
product offering, including Champion's proprietary billet VTG turbochargers, intercooler upgrades, as well as their complete line of functional aerodynamic upgrades from Werks1®.
Each part is guaranteed to provide consistent and reliable performance benefits, withstand the rigors of track use as well as daily driving, and provide perfect fitment in place of it's
OEM counterpart. Champion Motorsport then stands behind their products with an industry-leading warranty, covering not only their parts, but in some cases, the vehicle as well.

In addition to engineering and design, Champion Motorsport's spectacular 22,000-sq/ft facility in Pompano Beach, Florida is also home to their welding and fabrication, sales, service,
and installation departments. Visitors to South Florida are encouraged to stop by for a tour of the facility and a sneak peek at up and coming product releases.

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