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Tubi Style - Ferrari F40 Competition Tube-Only System (Inconel)
Tubi Style - Ferrari F40 Competition Tube-Only System (Inconel)

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If you’re one of the privileged few who have the distinct honor of owning an F40 then there’s a good chance you’re very well aware of just how impressive it really is.  There’s very little room for improvement in the F40.  It already boasts an impressive 471hp turbocharged V8 engine surrounded by race-inspired kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum body panels.  Because it was designed to be a road car, there were two areas that Ferrari’s engineers had to compromise slightly: the suspension and exhaust systems.  Because of the F40’s low ground clearance, it was fitted with coilover style suspension, adding the ability to raise the car if necessary.  And thanks to European and US exhaust sound regulations, the F40 was fitted with a large rear muffler too keep sound at an acceptable level.  Since every inch of the F40 just screams racecar, Tubi Style developed their Competition Tube-Only system to scream it just a little louder.  The system replaces the bulky factory muffler with two outside pipes for exhaust outlet, and a single center pipe for the turbocharger wastegate.  Since the F40 is not an easy car to find replacement or aftermarket parts for, the Tubi system is made from high quality inconel alloy, which is extremely resistant to the effects of high temperatures, oxidation, and corrosion.  This system is designed to work on 1990 and newer models with catalytic converters.

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