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Tubi Style - Lamborghini Diablo Muffler
Tubi Style - Lamborghini Diablo Muffler

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Owning a Lamborghini Diablo means you’re no stranger to turning heads, pointing fingers, and hearing “look, a Diablo!” as you drive by.  As Lamborghini’s replacement for the Countach, the Diablo was specifically designed to generate that type of response, probably because anyone who knows a thing or two about exotic sports cars can tell you the Diablo is special.  Engineering an aftermarket exhaust system for the Diablo is no easy task, but Tubi Style has managed to create the perfect alternative to the factory system.  Using mirror polished stainless steel and their trademark free-flowing muffler design, the engineers at Tubi have created a muffler that produces an exotic tone perfectly fit for the Diablo, all while saving weight and enhancing the performance of the car.  After all, the Diablo was created with the main goal of a top speed over 200mph.  We don’t suggest trying, but rest assured that your Tubi-equipped Diablo will not let you down.

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