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Tubi Style - Lamborghini Murcielago Muffler
Tubi Style - Lamborghini Murcielago Muffler

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Rumore (More Sound)
Murci RR (Double Sound) [Add $465.00]

If you drive a Murcielago and you’re looking at this page, chances are we know exactly what you’re looking for.  The Murcielago has been Lamborghini’s flagship model since 2001.  It has massive amounts of power, supercar performance, and an exotic head-turning appearance matched by only a select few of its rivals.  Even its sibling, the Gallardo, seems dwarfed by the presence of the Murcielago.  So what more could anyone possibly want that the Murcielago doesn’t offer?  How about an exhaust sound that matches the awesome presence of the car itself?  Tubi Style knows that the Murcielago needs a bark to match its bite, that’s why they’ve designed their muffler to provide an exhaust note fit for the flagship supercar.  Crafted from beautifully polished stainless steel using Tubi’s patented free-flowing muffler technology, the Murcielago muffler was carefully engineered to enhance the character of the supercar, not take away from it.  As with all Tubi Style systems, great care is always taken to make sure that the system is not simply louder, but that the specific tone suits the vehicle.  They also took great care to insure that the muffler reduced weight from the vehicle and maintained the delicate balance of free flow and backpressure, resulting in some satisfying performance gains as well.  We can guarantee you’ll be smiling ear to ear every time you drive your Murcielago once the Tubi Style muffler is installed.

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