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Tubi Style - Lamborghini Gallardo Muffler (2004-2005)
Tubi Style - Lamborghini Gallardo Muffler (2004-2005)

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Unlike other aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, Tubi Style doesn’t make a “one size fits all” systems that will work on every model year of a particular car. Instead, the approach they take involves carefully testing and designing each system to cater to the subtleties and revisions of each model year car.  The Gallardo is no exception.  It has a unique character that made people rethink the purpose of the supercar during a time when it was rare to see such cars being used as a daily driver.  Since it was suddenly quite common to see a Gallardo during your morning commute or parked at the valet, Tubi Style designed their muffler to produce the type of exhaust sound you’d expect to hear coming from such an exotic car, but were careful not to make it obnoxiously loud or offensive.  The resulting system is a perfect match for the Gallardo.  It’s aggressive, but not over the top, and retains the Gallardo’s trademark ability to be comfortably driven on a daily basis without doing any damage to your eardrums.    Sure, the system reduces weight from the rear of the car and provides some marginal power gains, but let’s face it, it’s the sound of an exhaust that give it the most appeal, and Tubi never disappoints.

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