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BMC -Ferrari 612, 599, California-T, and FF Performance Air Filters (Set)
BMC -Ferrari 612, 599, California-T, and FF Performance Air Filters (Set)

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BMC has a convincing history in professional racing as a major supplier of air filters to some of the world's most successful race teams, including Ferrari's F1 team and the legendary Audi R8 team.  Knowing that the benefits of a performance air filter can be appreciated off the race track as well, the same technology they have developed in those many of racing is also available throughout their entire product line of performance filters for passenger and performance cars. Especially in high performance cars like Ferrari, a consistent flow of clean air into the engine is crucial for maintaining the performance level Ferrari intended for the car.  

Factory filter elements are typically made of a thin paper material that generally does a good job of filtering intake air when they're clean, but suffer from deteriorated performance relatively quickly once they become dirty.  BMC filters use a specially designed cotton material soaked in a low viscosity oil that allows nearly 40% more airflow then traditional paper.  Each layer of the filter element is then surrounded by a special alloy screen that prevents larger dust and debris from clogging the filter.  Surrounding the filter element is a soft rubber frame constructed in a process BMC calls "full molding" which eliminates seams in the material, decreasing the potential for breaks or cracking.  It's also resistant to the negative effects of exposure to water, fumes, or oils.  Best of all, the entire filter is washable so that it can be cleaned and re-used without the need for replacement.  

For the cost of inferior paper air filter replacements from your local Ferrari dealer, you can have a lifetime filter that provides better protection and performance.  Sound like a good thing?  We think so too, that's why we use BMC filters in place of factory replacements in all of our in-house serviced vehicles.

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