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Champion Motorsport - RS128 Forged Monolite Wheel
Champion Motorsport - RS128 Forged Monolite Wheel

Product Code: CMS-RS128
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The RS128 was specifically built for 997 and 987 owners who were looking for a stylish 20 inch wheel that has all the aesthetic benefits of a larger diameter wheel, but none of the compromises that usually come with it.  It features a unique split 5-spoke design that, although fantastic looking, was primarily designed for weight savings.  In fact, by removing the center portion of each spoke, we were able to remove roughly 1.5 pounds of material from each wheel, making it one of the lightest 20 inch wheels on the market at 22.5 pounds (front) and 24.6 pounds (rear).  The RS128 also incorporates our beautiful diamond cut and polished outer lip for that perfect finishing touch.  

The uncompromising weight and strength of the RS128 is the result of a detailed manufacturing process that adheres to the strictest standards at every stage. Each wheel begins its life as a solid piece of A6061 aluminum, which is then heat-treated to T6 standards, and finally forged using an 8000 pound press.  This lengthy process insures 100% material consistency throughout the entire wheel and also results in a yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch.  The final step of the process is our Brilliant Silver paint, finished off with a glossy clearcoat for added protection.

The RS128 is available in 20 inch fitments for all 997, Cayman, and Boxster models, with widths ranging from 8.5 to 11 inches.  For more information about the RS128 or to check availability for your car, feel free to give us a call or simply click the live-chat button above and be connected to a Champion Motorsport wheel expert.

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