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Champion Motorsport - RS184 Forged Monolite Wheel
Champion Motorsport - RS184 Forged Monolite Wheel

Product Code: CMS-RS184
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Wheel designs simply don't get any more timeless then the RS184.  Some would say "you can never go wrong with a nice clean 5-spoke", but around here we say "you can never go wrong with the RS184".  Whether you're going for the aggressive look of a track car, or for more of an understated street car look, the RS184 can easily do double duty.  Specifically made for the 997 body, the RS184 is available in 19x9.0 (front) and 19x12 (rear) sizing with specific offsets optimized to fit the fenders of all 997 models perfectly.  Standard finishes on the RS184 are our Brilliant Silver and popular Brushed finish, each topped off by a layer of glossy clearcoat for added protection.

No compromise was made in the production of the RS184, as each wheel is created to the same strict standards applied to every wheel in the Champion Motorsport lineup.  Starting as a solid piece of A6061 aluminum, then heat treated to T6 standards and forged using an 8000 pound press, over 30 manufacturing hours are used in the production of each wheel.  The end result is perfect material consistency throughout the entire wheel, and a maximum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch.

For more information about the RS184 or to check availability for your car, feel free to give us a call or simply click the live-chat button above and be connected to a Champion Motorsport wheel expert.

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