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Champion Motorsport - Diverter Valve by Forge
Champion Motorsport -  Diverter Valve by Forge

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Spring operated diverter valves are a must-have for anyone with a 996, 997.2, or 911 turbo car, especially in any higher boost application.  The valve's job is to efficiently recirculate charge air back into the intake system, and by doing so, maintain boost pressure in the system.  The factory valves use a rubber diaphragm which typically cracks and fails under higher boost pressure, resulting in boost leaks and dramatically decreased performance.  The Champion/Forge billet valves eliminate the failure-prone rubber diaphragm and operate much a like a piston.  This provides consistent and reliable performance without the risk of failure.  Each valve is shipped with yellow (15-23 psi) and blue (23-30 psi) springs as well as shims, which allow fine tuning of the valve for each individual application.  

***Please note.  Porsche Cayenne 955, 957, and 958 Turbo Models, as well as 996 Turbo, 997.2 Turbo, and 991 Turbo cars require TWO valves.  Please make sure to change the quantity to "2" above.***

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