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Champion Motorsport - Porsche Cayenne Lowering Control Unit
Champion Motorsport - Porsche Cayenne Lowering Control Unit
Our Price: $1,100.00
Year(s): 2005+
Make: Porsche
Model: Cayenne (With Air Suspension)

: Not Available
Product Code: CMSLCU955T

One of the things that makes the Cayenne such a versatile SUV is its ability to easily adapt from smooth highway driving to rough off-road terrain with the simple push of a button.  It does so by incorporating an advanced air suspension system that uses inflatable air bags in place of traditional coil springs.  The air bags automatically adjust the height of the Cayenne by regulating the amount of air in each bag depending on speed and driving conditions, but can also be manually adjusted by the driver from inside the cabin.  

Although the Cayenne is certainly capable of navigating in rough off-road terrain, it's typically more common to see a Cayenne serving regular duty as a street driven car.  And like any street driven car, the Cayenne not only looks better with a lower ride height, but handles and performs better as well.  The Champion Motorsport lowering control module essentially reprograms the preset ride heights given to the Cayenne by Porsche.  It allows each of the preset ride height levels (sport, normal, and terrain) to remain intact and manually selectable, but simply redefines the height at which each level is set.  It allows for adjustment up to 55mm lower then factory presets.  For example, terrain mode can still be selected, but the ride height in that mode would be up to 55mm lower then prior.  Sport is still manually selectable, but ride height is reduced by up to 55mm.  Not only does this make the Cayenne look better, but by lowering its center of gravity, it also improves handling, aerodynamics, and even fuel economy.

Most importantly, the Cayenne lowering module can be bypassed with the flip of a switch, returning all factory settings.  This is especially useful during service visits or when attempting to diagnose air suspension failures.

Our lowering control unit works on all 2005 and newer Cayenne models equipped with factory air suspension.

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