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GIAC - Mini Cooper S Performance Software (2007+ Turbo Models)
GIAC - Mini Cooper S Performance Software (2007+ Turbo Models)
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The redesigned Mini Cooper (referred to as the MkII) was introduced in 2007 to the applause of enthusiasts everywhere. In addition to several styling updates which gave the Mini a more modern and sporty look, the previous generation's supercharged motor was tossed aside in favor of a new 1.6 liter Turbocharged motor that put out nearly 175 horsepower. As any car enthusiast will tell you, turbochargers are a great way to efficiently make power, but more importantly, they can easily be reprogrammed to make even more power, which is where GIAC software comes into play. The performance software is capable of increasing engine power output by nearly 14% depending on addition hardware upgrades. If that's not enough, GIAC's engineers have also insured that power delivery is consistent and smooth throughout the rpm range, and even reprogrammed the car's drive-by-wire throttle system to insure accurate and timely responses to driver input, totally transforming the way your Mini drives.

GIAC Mini Cooper S Performance Software:

Horsepower gains: 16-25*
Torque gains: 25-35*

*Like most turbocharged cars, results from adding GIAC software to the Mini Cooper S are dependent on additional hardware modifications. We strongly recommend the use of a performance exhaust system and intake in combination with the software. To learn more, call or click the Live Chat icon above.

NOTE: Additional software programs require the purchase of GIAC's proprietary Handheld Flashloader. Please be sure to also mark the check box next to "Flashloader" above when selecting additional programs.

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