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ITG - Replacement Air Filters for Werks1 997.2 Airbox


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A quick glance at the Werks1 carbon fiber airbox for the 997.2 will give you a pretty good idea of what makes it so special.  It's easy to see the gorgeous carbon fiber construction or the perfect OEM fitment, but it's what you can't see on the inside that ties it all together.  Every performance intake is designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle but most fall short when it comes to choosing the right filter.  The Werks1 997.2 airbox requires a filter that not only performs better then any other, but also one that contours to it's unique internal design.  

With their proven performance history in professional racing and the ability to build a custom filter specially for Werks1, ITG Performance Filters quickly became the logical choice.  Like the Werks1 airbox, ITG filters are designed with one goal in mind, to perform.  They achieve this goal by following three guiding principles; allow the greatest amount of airflow through the filter, provide the greatest amount of protection from airborne dust particles, and continue to provide maximum performance even when dirty.  They key to achieving these goals is ITG's patented TriFoamĀ® technology which is essentially three layers of reticulated polyester foam, in varying densities.  Each layer provides maximum protection from dust particles with limited restriction in airflow, letting the Werks1 airbox consistently deliver clean cold air into your car's engine.  In fact, during testing, ITG filters continue to flow better then even the best paper or gauze filters, even when faced with twice the amount of dust particles.

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