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Tubi Style - Ferrari F430 Coupe/Spider Mufflers (No Valves)
Tubi Style - Ferrari F430 Coupe/Spider Mufflers (No Valves)

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It’s safe to say that the F430 is most likely one of the most popular Ferrari models ever introduced. Like any Ferrari, the F430 has a distinct exhaust note that is unmistakable, yet still a bit too tame for our taste. Tubi Style has managed to improve upon that trademark Ferrari sound with their newly designed twin rear valve-less mufflers. By eliminating the factory exhaust’s sound valves (which open and close via vacuum actuated solenoids), the Tubi exhaust not only allows the F430’s 4.3-liter V8 to breathe easier and produce nominal power gains, it also creates the type of exhaust note you’d expect to hear coming from a car with such an exotic visual presence. One of the things that makes the Tubi system so unique is that while it enhances the sound of the exhaust system, it does not make any sacrifices in drivability. Tubi’s proprietary free-flowing muffler design is excellent at providing the benefits of sound and performance, but not surprisingly, it also does an amazing job of minimizing cabin resonance. It’s also quite nice to look at. The polished stainless steel mufflers and tips not only look fantastic, they’re also designed to withstand any corrosion or deterioration over time, which is good because once you have this system on your F430, you may never want to get rid of it.

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