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Tubi Style - Ferrari 599 Titanium Mufflers With Race Tips
Tubi Style - Ferrari 599 Titanium Mufflers With Race Tips

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The titanium used in the Tubi Style Ferrari 599 exhaust system is definitely not your every day titanium.  This proprietary material is the result of a technical partnership between Tubi and a major manufacturer of Moto GP bikes .   Due to the complexity of the bends needed for packaging a super bike exhaust, the “general use” titanium materials on the market were not adequate.  Similar to that project, this latest Ferrari 599 system also required the special titanium matrix.  Typically, when sharp bends are made with rolled thin walled titanium tubing, “wrinkling” on the inside of the bend radius will occur.  Not Acceptable for Moto GP, and equally not acceptable for Tubi Style.  They accepted the challenge of developing a thin wall titanium matrix that could be properly bent with minimal deformation, yielding a tube that provides maximum flow with minimum weight.

Hand welded by an Italian craftsman, in an argon purged chamber, with rich blue and purple colors that shine through the welded seams class this exotic system as a work of art.   This 599 system is 100% titanium, including the flanges, and all of the mounting points.  Weighing in at just 16lbs for the complete system, the benefits of this new 599 system are far more than just the unrivaled sound and increased HP.

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