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Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Mufflers
Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Mufflers

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One of the things we love so much about Tubi Style is the scope of their exhaust system offerings.  Whether you’ve got a 1970’s Ferrari or a 2010 Porsche, they have a system available that will not only make your car sound better, but perform better as well.  While a lot of companies focus mainly on the newest 911’s, Tubi continues to have systems available for cars dating back to the 993.  These beautiful mufflers are direct replacements for the factory side mufflers on the naturally aspirated 993.  They’re made from beautifully polished stainless steel, which means they’ll withstand whatever abuse comes their way.  The muffler internals feature Tubi’s patented free-flowing design to optimize power and sound.  As with all Tubi systems, careful consideration was put into the final sound the mufflers produce, insuring that the resulting growl is potent enough to reflect the sports car character of a Porsche, but civil enough to maintain a pleasurable daily driving experience.

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