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Tubi Style - Porsche 997.1 Non S Tips
Tubi Style - Porsche 997.1 Non S Tips

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One of the things that makes Tubi Style so unique is their no stone unturned approach to the exhaust aftermarket.  Whereas some manufacturers simply make exhausts or accessories for the best selling or most popular model, Tubi believes that everyone should have options.  The 997.1 exhaust aftermarket is flooded with tips designed to fit the outlet diameter of the 911S, which often leaves non-S owners out in the cold.  Luckily, Tubi realizes that non-S owners deserve some good looking tips too, so they made their unique reverse rolled edge tips in the proper mounting diameter to fit non-S exhaust systems as well.  Just like their S counterparts, they’re also made from the highest quality polished stainless steel, so they not only look great, but also stand the test of time.

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