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Tubi Style - Porsche 997 GT3 Titanium Tips
Tubi Style - Porsche 997 GT3 Titanium Tips

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To the untrained eye these Tubi Style titanium exhaust tips don’t look all that different than the factory GT3 tips.  They mount the same way, have the same outer diameter, and they do the same great job of directing exhaust gasses straight out the center of the rear bumper.  Look a little closer and you’ll see just how different they are.  The inner walls of the tips are not baffled like the factory tips.  They also have a slick matte finish that screams titanium.   The main reason titanium is used in automotive applications is for weight savings and strength.  These Tubi Style titanium tips weigh in at .95 lbs in comparison to the 2.85 lbs of the factory tips.  While 1.9 lbs may not seem like a lot of weight it can certainly play a role in the bigger picture.  So whether you’re looking for the technical benefits or you just want to add a nice personal touch to your GT3, these tips are a great option.

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