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Werks1 - Porsche 996 3.4L and 3.6L Carrera Plenum
Werks1 - Porsche 996 3.4L and 3.6L Carrera Plenum

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The 996 Carrera is a fantastic car, but the fact is that it's twin turbocharged older brother usually gets most of the attention.  The 996 still makes decent power and has all the driving dynamics and handling characteristics that are purely Porsche, but without turbochargers or intercoolers to do the job of feeding cold air, the naturally aspirated motor can sometimes starve itself of adequate intake air.  Drop-in air filters and aftermarket intake systems generally do a great job of providing more air, but the factory intake plenum eventually disrupts that smooth flow.  Because of its unique shape, the Werks1 plenum effectively smooths the flow of intake air just before it enters the intake manifolds, allowing it to enter the engine faster and more efficiently, without the bottleneck found in the original part.  

Carbon fiber also plays a very important role in the plenum's improved function.  For starters, the strength of carbon fiber allowed the engineers at Werks1 to use much less material, creating a larger overall interior diameter without any compromise in exterior dimensions.  The larger diameter simply allows more air to flow through the part and directly into the engine.  Another huge benefit that comes from the use of carbon is decreased intake temperatures.  The factory plenum is made of thick plastic, which absorbs heat from the engine bay and consequently heats the air passing through it.  Carbon fiber, on the other hand, does not absorb heat, and allows the the air passing through the part to remain as cool as possible.

Lastly, there's the look.  Every Werks1 plenum is made from 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber, which is then vacuum bagged and autoclave cured.  This process insures perfect material consistency throughout the entire part.  After the final layer of smooth glossy clearcoat is applied, the result is a lightweight, functional carbon fiber plenum that could only come from the engineering and expertise of Werks1.

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